Lusus Naturae

1月, 11, 2021


by Margaret Atwood


Lusus Naturae は「自然の戯れ」「突然変異体」「奇形児」の意味。ポルフィリン症にかかった女児の話。黄色の目、ピンクの歯、赤い爪、胸と腕に生えた長い毛。語り手は女児、”I”。


It was decided that I should die. I would not stand in the way of my sister, I would not loom over her like a fate. “Better one happy than both miserable,” said my grandmother, who had taken to sticking garlic cloves around my door frame. I agreed to this plan, as I wanted to be helpful.



I peered into a window at night, and caused hysterics in a young woman. “A thing! I saw a thing!” she sobbed. I was a thing, then. I considered this. In what way is a thing not a person?



“I am a human being,” I could say. But what proof do I have of that? “I am a lusus naturae! Take me to the city! I should be studied!” No hope there.

I know they have the best of intentions at heart.


Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash